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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doctor Visit

Well, yesterday was a busy day. I saw the surgeon again. We reviewed the MRI mostly.

The lesion/defect is at the back of the talus bone (the main ankle bone) It really is not visible from the front or even much of either side - only when you come around the back. This was actually no surprise to me since this is where the majority of my pain is!

The doc's concern is that if he attempts to do the surgery arthroscopically, he may not be able to see - let alone fix the problem because the camera need to go it from the front. He said he WILL try arthroscopically first - but he may have to do open surgery through the back instead.

If he has to do open surgery - he said there is a lot of "junk" back there that makes many people "scared" to go there - arteries, nerves, tendons, etc....I didn't get to ask him if HE was scared to go there...but I will....The open surgery will also carry additional work - actually breaking bone and that in itself can cause more issues all around.

I had questions all ready to ask him, but he left in a hurry and the nurse told me I was coming back for ANOTHER visit pre-surgery for all questions, discussion, etc. Not particularly happy about that - but I'll deal....

I was hoping to have surgery as soon as possible after 4/17 (like the 19th) but my return visit will be the 19th. The first date the nurse gave me for surgery was 5/12 and I told her that was going to wreak havoc with my schedule since I'm trying to schedule this between cheer and band/guard seasons - and its a four month recovery process. She left the room and came back a while later and said the best she could do was 4/29. If that's the best - I'll have to deal with it...it may mean I'm still not 100% for band camp.....

But - for what it's worth - we're booked for surgery. At the hospital local to the doc, not their surgi-center on site. This hospital is not local for me - so just another thing I have to deal with...

Everytime it hurts now - I look at that ankle and tell it - your time is coming - you will be all better very soon!!!!!

I hope.

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