Welcome to my blog. This is a place for me to vent and share about my adventures with an bum ankle. Join me as I make the effort to heal and be somehwat normal once again!

Friday, December 27, 2013

So here we are again - with time escaping us....let me catch up from where I left off before....

Went back to see this new orthopedist and review the MRI. The OCD is now 1.1 x 0.9 - much larger than the original (barely 0.6 square). But, he was able to show me floating bodies within the joint and felt that the next step should be a "redo" of the microfracture and debridement - and that if that fails - we still have the option of the larger cadaver replacement surgery. :::oh fun:::

His description for this surgery (at his hand) is fairly similar to the last time. He feels he can go into the previous holes so there will be no new scarring. I will come out of surgery with some sort of a cast on the ankle which will stay there for two weeks - at which time I would see him, remove that and any stitches. I would be completely no weight bearing for 8 weeks - and then I would put a shoe on that foot and start to put weight on it until I could walk normally. They felt I could do all this on my own without any PT. I got the gal's number to call and schedule and was asked if I had crutches and also suggest to get a knee roller. (I much prefer the crutches - more of a work-out, and for an active person - eight weeks of no weight means minimal ability to "work out" so crutches would be my chance to stay a bit fit.)

So - I look at the calendar and try to plan this. First monkey wrench in the mix - I'm running for state assembly at this point in time, and while it is still summer, I'm looking at the busiest time for a campaign. To decide - do I campaign on crutches - or do I wait. I decide to wait. Next monkey wrench in the mix - the cost. Last time I was on Medicaid and the surgery and PT cost me maybe $100 in co-pays. Now that I've been working, I have insurance from my company - but now my cost is much more. $2500 deductible  and then a rediculous co-pay. Not only does my employer pay almost $10,000 a year for my insurance coverage, but I chip in an almost addition $2000 for premiums - and then to have this kind of co-payment? I worked it out, and the surgery would cost me (out of pocket) between $7-$10,000!!!! While the doctor's office was willing to work out a payment plan after insurance paid - they couldn't tell me how much I might have to agree to....

So - the next thing was to look at changing insurance when the plan year was up. The offerings were slim - with huge deductibles and co-pays - as well as additional premiums. I finally settled on a plan where my out of pocket would be about $4000 (still a lot, but much better than $7-10,000) and sent in the change forms.

And that's where I sit. Our renewal date at work was 12/15 - our agent knew I was making a change and got the paperwork in time. But I have no new cards, and no verification that I actually have this new coverage. 

And so I wait. With an ankle that is so painful, it brings me to tears. But I can't make plans without knowing 1) that I indeed HAVE insurance and 2) without knowing how much this will cost me.

So let the waiting game begin....