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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A New Day - the same pain....

Today where I live, the weather was absolutely GLORIOUS! Ninety degrees - over 30 degrees above normal for April. But beautiful! I was able to put clothes out to dry and within an hour - they were dry - even after the sun went down....

I also was preparing for a weekend trip. As with any trip when you leave family members at home (at least for a mom) you need to leave them enough to get by on - and in our case, with animals too, it's important to make sure they are fed as well. So tonight I was doing that last minute grocery shopping (after an afternoon of other last minute shopping).

Leaving one shop, I stepped and suddenly the ankle "caught". This catching is a most exquisite pain. Most of the time when this happens, it passes fairly quickly and I'm only in tears for a brief time.

Tonight was not that nice. It is now over 5 hours since that catch, and the ankle is still throbbing and painful and swollen. I sat on the couch earlier, and I can't even find a good place to put the foot/ankle without pain. I cried earlier, and I want to cry now.

My biggest concern is the walking that I will have to be doing on this weekend's trip...if the ankle catches on me on one of those outings I don't know what I will do - beyond cry...

Its days like these that make me certain the decision to have surgery was the right decision.

Today's pain level - about an 8 :-(

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